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I've placed my  musical slide shows on YouTube. I felt that if I didn't, I'd be the only person on the planet without video on YouTube.
View the YouTube slideshows of my painted, photographic and mixed media work here.

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Resume and Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement and Resume

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Portfolio Category Highlights

five nights on massasoit street: copyright 2006 Michael Raleigh
Works 2006

Kindness of Shadows: copyright 2005 Michael Raleigh
Works 2005

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Works 2004


Bone City Sonata.jpg (186673 bytes)
Bone City Sonata

I_Am_A_Real_Boy.jpg (10019 bytes)
A Fictional Life

Greetings_From_Ghostland_small.jpg (3309 bytes)
Greetings From Ghost Land

womenwaiting_small.jpg (4151 bytes)
Women Waiting on The
Return of Paradise

Love_At_Full_Moon_small.jpg (1392 bytes)
Masks and Masquerades

chicken_boy1.jpg (18643 bytes)
Mixed Media & Collage

oils.jpg (2297 bytes)
Notes From An Orpheus Dream

Where_Do_You_Get_Your_Ideas_small.jpg (1841 bytes)

Four_Lost_Children_In_Forest_small.jpg (1617 bytes)
Purgatory Panels

Message_to_The_Angel_of_Love_To_Pass_Over_This_House_small.jpg (2412 bytes)
Rusted Hearts

Someone_Trying_To_Make_Me_Real_small.jpg (3239 bytes)
Self-Portraits In
A Broken Mirror

easter_parade_small.jpg (2835 bytes)
Swadling Stories:
Mixed Media
This_Is_The_Burning_People_small.jpg (1662 bytes)
This Is The Burning People
window_for_the_waiting_1_small.jpg (3179 bytes)
Windows For The Waiting
sentimental_hygiene_small.jpg (3854 bytes)
Other Paintings
This_is_a_ghost_story_2.jpg (11515 bytes)
Top 10 Personal Favorites
Flash and YouTube Slideshows
greet.jpg (77928 bytes)
Greetings from Ghostland

Ghost Beach
tillie1_small.jpg (3046 bytes)
This Is Not A Dark Ride
womenwaiting_small.jpg (4151 bytes)
Women Waiting on The
Return of Paradise
IMG_4944.JPG (884030 bytes)
Shrine I: JesusLand
IMG_4906.JPG (484734 bytes)
Shrine II: Stone Deaf God
  klownie1.jpg (10653 bytes)
Halloween Street:
NYC Halloween Parade



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